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About Us

The Search for a Djungelskog

Ikea bear

Our adventure began in 2020 when we first learned about the the Djungelskog. We tried to find and buy one of our own, but could not find one anywhere!

During this search, we found others like us, trying to local a Djungelskog of their own too, all sharing frustration equal to ours. 

Building a Bear of Our Own

Seeing that this was a common problem, we decided to reach out to several manufacturers in the hope that one of them would be able to help us make a few bears to bring home for ourselves, and perhaps to send to a few of our new Internet friends.

Soon, we landed on a manufacturer, exchanged sketches, pictures, and prototypes, and after several months of quality checks, began production of our very first Djungelskogs. 


Be the Best Skog You Can Be


It didn't take long for people to find our website and start ordering bears. The feedback we got was great, but we wanted to make the best Skog we could, so we kept making small improvements, one after the other. Eventually, we landed on what we feel is a design almost perfect!

Family Owned & Operated

2 years later, we're still making bears, and now we have our whole family involved in the process. Our headquarters are in Tampa, Florida, and our bears are assembled in the USA. We take great pride in that.

We are passionate about our bears, and work non-stop to continue improving the quality and release new colors, shapes, and sizes.

It's important to us that our product represents our love for the Djungelskog, and that we properly represent the community that has been so kind to us.

We are thankful that you stopped by our shop, and want you to know that this is not just a job for us, but a labor of love. 

Welcome friend! We hope you stay a while :)