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The Skoggy Ambassador Program

Become a brand affiliate and earn discounts, commissions, and free products from our store!


How Our Ambassadors Earn

Our brand ambassadors earn through commission on sales they generate. Upon acceptance into the program, each ambassador receives a unique link to our website which can be placed in a social media account bio or shared with people through direct message and other media. 

Ambassadors receive credit for their generated sales redeemable through PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, or bank transfer. Upon request, ambassadors can instead be rewarded in store credit for free Skoggy products. All commissions are tracked and viewable from our Affiliate Dashboard.

How To Become An Ambassador

There are no requirements to get started. We don't have a minimum follower requirement for accounts and we do not requirement any amount of posting. It's all up to the individual. All we need from you is your love for the brand and your willingness to help share us with the world!


Questions? Contact us!