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Welcome to the Skoggy Ambassador Program

A way to earn a living by spreading the word of Skog.

Apply to become a brand affiliate today to earn commission on sales as well as free products from our store by creating Skoggy content & promoting our products online or in-person.


How Our Ambassadors Earn

Our brand ambassadors earn through commission on sales generated from their individual pages. Upon acceptance into the program, each ambassador receives a unique link to our website which can be placed in a social media account bio or shared with people through direct message. Our website keeps track of affiliate stats which can be viewed via the Skoggy Ambassador dashboard.

Ambassadors receive credit for their generated sales redeemable through PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, or bank transfer. Upon request, ambassadors can instead be rewarded in store credit for free Skoggy products.

There are two primary ways for ambassadors to achieve success through the Skoggy Ambassador program. We'll explain both of them here and provide a few tips for our ambassadors to help maximize performance.

The Social Media Approach

Social media. What better way to spread a message far and wide all at the press of a button?

By using social medias such as Instagram and Tiktok, ambassadors can reach thousands or even millions of people by posting image and video content. This is how Skoggy originally began, by producing content and spreading the word online.


With Instagram, ambassadors are able to build an online following by posting image and video content to the platform. Throughout our journey on Instagram, we've learned a lot about what makes an account thrive. Two words which define success on Instagram: Quality and Consistency. 

It is important that images and reels posted are clear and shot with bright, natural light shining upon the scene. A mistake many accounts make is posting dark, blurry, or glarey content rather than sharp, bright, colorful content which catches the eye. Though not required, we recommend studying from a few photography and editing tutorials before getting started.

Another mistake accounts make is posting too infrequently. It is recommended to post at least 4-7 times per week, but ideally once every day. Be sure to use a few relevant hashtags on your posts as well. Doing this helps posts be seen by new people already searching for your content similar to yours and is a great way for accounts to be discovered early on.

After you've mastered the art of the standard feed post, posting stories is a vital way to engage with followers and share content from other accounts. It is recommended to post at least a few stories per day to maintain an active audience.


While Instagram is the best platform for building a community overtime,  by far the greatest platform for the ability to achieve almost instant viewership is Tiktok.

Tiktok's algorithm is designed to prioritize content which receives the highest watch time to video length ratio, which means if a video keeps people's attention long enough to watch all the way through, the algorithm will show it to more and more people, even if you have zero followers. This is how accounts go from getting a few hundred views per video (which are guaranteed by the platform) to getting hundreds of thousands overnight.

Two words which define success on Tiktok: Quantity and Captivation.

Many successful Tiktok accounts find that posting 3-10 times daily gives accounts the best opportunity to grow, which makes sense. By posting 10 times per day instead of once per day, there's a ten times greater chance that a single video will go viral, and because Tiktok does not punish accounts for posting too frequently, even if every post doesn't necessarily go "viral", they are guaranteed to reach new people.

When creating a post for Tiktok, try to think of ways to capture a viewer's attention by ensuring the scene is bright & colorful, adding captions & text to speech, and changing the scene/angle every few seconds.

Of course not every video is meant to be perfect, but hopefully keeping these tips in mind when recording will help you get that extra second or two of watch time for your video which could lead to thousands, or even millions of more views.

The In-Person Approach

The most direct way to spread the word of Skog is by personally sharing with people in-person. Do you have any friends who share the same interest in big beautiful bears as you do? Perhaps you might know a few people around your school or workplace who could use a cuddly friend.

Nobody knows just how much they need a Skog until they witness one in-person. Why not bring your Skoggy Bear around with you and show people just how soft, warm, and necessary a bear hug can be? Once enveloped in those soft Skoggy arms, there's simply no going back.

Spreading the Skoggy word in person is the simplest way to get started, however, as social media definitely has the most potential for reach, we do recommend both methods long-term.

How To Become An Ambassador

There are no requirements to get started. We do not have a minimum follower requirement for accounts and we do not demand a certain amount of posting. It is all up to the individual. All that we need from you is your love for Skog and your willingness to share him with the world!

If you would like to be a Skoggy Ambassador, we would love to have you. Apply today and start spreading the word!


Questions? Contact us!